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Tradertwit, Bitstamp, Circle goes NFC and more fintech news (innoupdate 02.2015)

Overview by Maarten Korz (@korz) of this weeks innovations & startups in the financial (FinTech) and banking industry. This week:

Fraud-Proofing Credit Cards with Quantum Physics
Kickstarter Ditches Amazon Payments for Stripe
Circle launches NFC powered tap-to-pay
Bitstamp :19,000 BTC stolen from company’s online wallet
7 Surprising biometric methods
Secret Santa(nder) : Jenson Button
Tradertwit: Crowd Trading. the step, after Social Trading.
Bank Mobile: build your own bank
How Fraud & Cyber Security Will Evolve in 2015
10 Big Trends Reshaping Financial Marketing Today
The state of consumer fintech

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